another blog nobody reads…

A quick search of the word “Blog” in the Google Blog search page returned 2.9 billion results. Does that mean there are 2.9 billion blogs out there? Not really, but it does mean that the world is over serviced with blogs? Yes, absolutely.

Hence the title: “another blog nobody reads”. I’m under no illusions of grandeur. Or even adequacy. I understand that with all the talented writers around the world, that my musings are hardly going to take the world by storm. So why start a blog? With all the nonsense that is currently circulating the world wide web, I think its time some intelligent thought should prevail.

Am I going to continue in a Q & A format? Err, no that’s just today’s writing style.

If by chance I do get someone reading this blog, write a comment!

About blognobody

Interested in the world around me and the development of knowledge.
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