The Decisive Moment – Brief Review

I have just completed reading “The Decisive Moment” by editor and writer Jonah Lehrer. The bottom line – excellent reading. Picking up the book for the first time, I noticed a comment by the ever interesting neurologist Oliver Sacks, “Incisive and thoughtful, yet sensitive and modest… a special pleasure”. I may not need to elaborate.

The subheading “How The Brain Makes Up Its Mind” makes very clear what we can learn from such a text. I have read numerous books explaining the workings (and failings) of the human mind. Lehrer’s degree in neuroscience and extensive experience in writing has resulted in a clear, well written and most importantly, easy to understand guide to human thinking with extensive examples to support each point.

The final chapters tie the examples together with a few pointers on how to get the best decision making ability from our flawed and maladapted brains. Overall, Lehrer helps the reader to understand that we are not rational beings at all. Rather we are largely emotional creatures with some flaws that without understanding can trap any of us into making poor decisions.

Highly recommended reading.
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