God is not condemning the earth

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US President hopeful Michelle Bachmann is telling tea party supporters that hurricanes and earthquakes are a sign from god.


This event is a little old now, but the message is relevant and common. Political leaders taking advantage of superstition to drum up business. I remember a survey of US citizens which found that many people would vote for Bush because he was a “good Christian man”. The general belief is that religion makes us better people. You can find some interesting reading on the internet that supports both sides, however the following article provides some interesting commentary:


Bachmann uses belief in a supernatural being extensively in her campaign. Even going to far as to say that god is punishing US citizens because of a lack of Christian belief. It is interesting to note that in related interviews, she made light of the comments and distanced herself from the “god causes natural disasters” line.

Interestingly, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, announced that she did not believe in god when she took leadership from the very obviously Christian Kevin Rudd. Political leaders often promote themselves as highly religious, church going citizens.

Human beings have a tendency to look for patterns and deeper meaning in often unrelated events. How many people have asked the question “Why are there so many earthquakes at the moment?”. A little research reveals there are no more and no less than usual. The frequency related to earthquakes has remained consistent for as long as earthquakes have been recorded.

Politicians should stick to promoting their policy and the relevant supporting evidence rather than their religious credentials.

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3 Responses to God is not condemning the earth

  1. Just another fear tactic to amass votes. I believe intelligent people can see through this but what frightens me is the fact we do not live in a country exclusively of intelligent people

    Fire-side “spooky tales” never go out of fashion unless people say with one voice “We want to discuss real political issues and not your bogus superfluous banter”.

    Just my thoughts……….


  2. blognobody says:

    Thanks for your thoughts AN, many intelligent people can be led to believe the outrageous when the statement or claim is from a trusted source or that they’ve heard the claim repeatedly. The notion of Conventional Wisdom – that something is true because everyone believes it to be so.

    And why are we so prone to telling and believing fire-side “spooky tales”?

  3. blognobody says:

    Thanks to the poster who sent me all the Islam links on Youtube. Though I only checked a few of the videos, they were not in English, so I didn’t pursue any further.

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