Building an Ark!

Noah's Ark in Iğdır

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Here we go again, the Christian right attempting to change history and to impress their distorted reality upon the young.

Irrespective of the ludicrous nature of the notion of the entire project, Answers in Genesis have spent $155m USD on building a religious theme park called Ark Encounter.  Answers in Genesis are building upon their initial “Creation Museum“, a centre for asserting that the bible is historical fact, that evolution is not true and the idea that the earth was created less than six thousand years ago.

That people still believe in the supernatural is not unsurprising, however the notion that people will spend money on a theme park that promotes such an absurdity beggars belief.

And this is not just a phenomenon in the USA: “A huge fibreglass ark sits at the centre of a Hong Kong Noah’s Ark attraction, and another floating ark in the Netherlands is being built by a Dutchman, who wants to sail it to London for the 2012 Olympic Games. In the US, a church in Frostburg, Maryland, is building a to-scale ark supported by a steel frame.”

It’s hard to tell if this is just an attempt to make money from the superstitious, just as enterprising individuals offer tours of supposedly haunted houses. Or do they genuinely believe that Noah built an ark and two of all species, including polar bears, kangaroos and emperor penguins, boarded this boat in an orderly fashion to be saved from the great flood? Either way, Answers In Genesis have a significant amount of money to promote any idea they come up with.

In 2005, US revenue for Answers In Genesis was $13.7m according to a tax return cited on Wikipedia (footnote 19). One cannot help but think there is a profit motive in promoting such obvious fantasy.

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