Google Coder on Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi

raspberry pi (Photo credit: osde8info)

Realising that I am not going to be retiring any time soon with the Bitcoin mining exercise, I decided to continue to develop the RPi into something more useful. Primarily it is a learning tool and Google have released Coder as a learning tool.

Unfortunately Google Coder requires you to use their image to install coder which means losing all the modifications I have made to the RPi so far. This would be ok for a learning exercise but I have not the interest in going over old ground in this way.

Recently I discovered a blog page with simple instructions for getting Google Coder running on an existing Raspberry Pi image.  The link below will help you to get Coder installed onto your existing Raspberry Pi image. Now to learn Coder… after I mow the lawns…

Coder Start Screen


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