Poverty is a choice, Inequality is a choice


”Once you have been poor, you always fear it. When people talk about their high-powered, high-stress jobs, I often wonder if they even know what stress is. To not have when others have is not just a material lack; it is to live with your children in constant anxiety.

“So, for the festive season, we hear a lot about food banks. They are necessary, but they also function as the most tangible symbol of the cognitive dissonance that passes for political discourse. We live in the sixth-richest country in the world, yet the poorest among us have to live on handouts from charities. The choice that this represents is seen as a fact of life – like all inequality these days. Some choose to be rich and some choose to be poor. The poor often make themselves worse off by poor choices, apparently.”

This idea that people choose to be poor really irks me. The same can be said for those who apparently choose to be obese. Why would someone choose to be poor?  Why would anyone choose to struggle?  Why would a person choose to raise children in such an environment ? Yet our government continues to focus on beneficiaries rather than tax evaders!

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Interested in the world around me and the development of knowledge.
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