Homeopathy Research Concludes That…

There exists no credible evidence to support claims that homeopathy can effectively treat any condition. Well, except maybe thirst.

Not that I expected the report would result in any meaningful change. Facts don’t change belief. Presenting the facts to a beliver may result in a doubling down and further rejection no matter how verifiable or complete the evidence. I was surprised again in how quickly people subscribed to the doctrine of “Big Pharma”.

Apparently large pharmaceutical companies need to protect their profits and to do this, a presumably cost effective approach is to discredit homoeopathic practice. It seems then that the conspiracy involves more unsavoury types like “big science” and the orchestrator, “big government”.

Unfortunately pharmaceutical corporations appear to feed these delusions by being fined every time they break the law pursuing ever more obscene profits.

What surprises me is that the accusation of profit seeking is only leveled at corporations and not individuals. Honest hard working individuals curing all maladies against the evil corporations who in this case are willing to forgo profit because they can’t patent these ancient remedies. David vs Goliath.

Where in their thinking does the idea that individual homeopaths practice water dilution for the sole purpose of furthering humanity. What makes them think that homeopaths are immune from the desire to make a profit.
Even if a homeopath suddenly realised that water holds no memory of a non existent trace of an insignificant ingredient,  would they close their store tomorrow?  Would they throw out all those expensive bottles of pure unadulterated water? Would they re-educate themselves in a more honest trade or join the welfare line? Or better yet would they notify all their customers that they have been systemically fleeced of their hard earned dollars with an offer to pay them back?


And to demonstrate that I am not some stooge for the pharmaceutical industry. ..

Big pharma have paid some big fines in the USA. Don’t let those big numbers fool you, their profits dwarf any settlement:


Ben Goldacre is the person to follow for all the dirt on how Big Pharma is trying to subvert process to sell ineffective drugs:


And of course The Science Behind Why We Don’t Belive Science


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