Anti-vaccination trend soars: Far North Queensland

The Australian Federal government rightly nudges parents to vaccinate their children by making child assistance payments.

In the following story,  the Cairns Post claims parents are objecting to the vaccinations using the “conscientious objector” clause.

First of all I find the option of “conscientious objector” to be repugnant and ludicrous but to then allow those parents to receive the payment anyway is astonishing!

The number of parents putting their own children and other people with compromised immune systems at risk of contracting preventable diseases had doubled since 2006.


I have been very critical of the Abbott government in Australia and rightly so, tending to be very anti-science. However, credit where it is due, the Abbott government have changed legislation to prevent ant-vaccinators from being paid the vaccination benefit while using the “conscientious objector” clause.

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