Abstinence-Only High School Hit By Chlamydia Outbreak; NSW State Schools Promote Invalid Sex Education

Anglican “Special Religious Education” program for NSW state schools promote outdated and patently incorrect information.

Some of the claims identified include:
– divorce is caused by human sinfulness and ignorance
– women talk too much
– women lack courage
– homosexuality is misplaced sexual desire

The program also promotes abstinence for teenagers despite its lack of success elsewhere.


A Texas school teaching “abstinence only” sex education has found itself in the midst of an STI epidemic.


The concept of teaching abstinence to school children instead of actual sex education is not new. Nor is it effective.



Fortunately parents,  when given the option,  choose secular based ethics rather than flawed religious based morals instruction.


An interesting aspect of the Anglican response was that Australia has had an underpinning moral framework (presumably Anglican) for hundreds of years. Does this imply that Australia was empty before arrival of Europeans or that Aboriginals had no morals?

Once again,  rejecting advancement of humanity for the sake of tradition is a poor argument.

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