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Alternative practitioner heads Health Service, Tasmania

“We have an interim CEO of the THS who believes in non-evidence-based practice,” Australian Medical Association’s Dr Tim Greenaway Continue reading

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Abstinence has Absence of Success

The daughter of former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, is pregnant again outside of wedlock. Who cares? you might ask. No one really, except when that individual is paid $262,000 to promote abstinence among teenagers, an … Continue reading

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MDMA safer than Alcohol?

“There’s a degree of hypocrisy where we’re accepting of alcohol and the harms it causes, but the same people that literally won’t take the steps to reduce alcohol harm… are the same people who treat the idea of introducing something like MDMA as the worst thing in the world,” Quigley said Continue reading

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Steven Pinker’s Mind Games – The New York Times

How good are you with common psychology concepts?

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A true Super Food that cures and protects

“People in the so-called Blue Zones — the areas of the world home to the healthiest, longest-lived populations — eat like this, and it has a true benefit: a greatly lowered risk of modern diseases.” Continue reading

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Ministry slammed for spending on colour therapy

“Yet here we have a department, whose clients are queuing at food banks, squandering taxpayer cash on a programme that has all the hallmarks of mumbo-jumbo.”

Labour’s state services spokesman Kris Faafoi. Continue reading

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The finances of Gloriavale: $36.6m in assests

The curricula includes no health or sex education, no evolution lessons, and “girls were taught to be submissive housewives and boys to work on the farms”. Continue reading

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Primary school students discover the obvious

“Manuka honey’s health-giving properties are touted by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and prescribed by alternative medicine practitioners. It commands premium prices around the world.” Continue reading

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Rhetorical Fallacies

Check this before posting to social media!

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The human toll of FIFA’s corruption

” FIFA, the notoriously corrupt and yet seemingly invincible governing body of world soccer, has finally landed itself an indictment that some would say is worthy of its reputation.” Washington Post Continue reading

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