The finances of Gloriavale: $36.6m in assests

Secretive religious group GloriaVale earned more than $1.86 million in profit. Questions are being raised about the charitable nature of the organisation and if their tax exempt status is warranted.

In more recent news the Quality Public Education Coalition is concerned that the Gloriavale school, which receives almost $200,000 in government funding, deprives students of their human rights.

The school’s roll in 2014 was 164, with just 9 pupils in Year 11, and none beyond. As a private school it only has to abide by the views of its community, in which education should stop at age 15. The curricula includes no health or sex education, no evolution lessons, and “girls were taught to be submissive housewives and boys to work on the farms”.

The latest Education Review Office (ERO) report was in 2011. It covered the 127-pupil school and four early childcare centres. ERO is completing its 2014 report for release in about two months.

“Founded by convicted sex offender Neville Cooper, and run by a bunch of patriarchs, all the school has to do to maintain its registration, and get government funding, is show that it meets the standards set by its own community, no matter how unacceptable.”

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