Abstinence has Absence of Success

The daughter of former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, is pregnant again outside of wedlock. Who cares? you might ask. No one really, except when that individual is paid $262,000 to promote abstinence among teenagers, an approach we know doesn’t work!


If you wish, you can hire Bristol Palin to speak to your group or school about abstinence, faith and god.


It is estimated that she earns $15,000 – $30,000 per engagement and has amassed around $260,000 for talking on topics which she clearly struggles with.


No one really minds if the younger Palin has another child, but when that same person is promoting the benefits of abstinence, which she clearly does not follow, that sounds like hypocrisy. The real lesson here is that preaching abstinence does not work. It is ineffectual and therefore promotion of the ideal should be ceased to prevent further damage.

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