Fred Nile In Bid To End Ethics Lessons In Schools

Fred Nile is the reason ethics classes need to be taught in schools. Nile claims to support ethics lessons but only if based on the Christian Bible!

Most of the comments I read were quite right including this:

Fred, “I have not sought to blackmail the NSW government.”

“I simply reminded them: before they reject my Ethics Repeal Bill, they should remember they need our votes…”

Blackmail. def: “the exertion of pressure or threats, esp unfairly, in an attempt to influence someone’s actions.”

Thanks for telling the truth Fred.

It’s seems Nile’s ethics could use a review. ..

It makes sense that a fundamentalist wouldn’t be too concerned with evidence or perhaps Nile is willing to use any tactic to garner support for his divisive views:

It is staggering to realise that this man earns $260,000 AUD per year and will retire with a $1,000,000 payout and generous pension for representing a minority view:

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