Herbal medicines & natural remedies

We have all heard it used and there is a good chance you have even given the idea serious consideration. That a substance is “natural” somehow makes it better, gentler and safer. “Botulinum toxin is 100% natural and the most deadly substance known on this planet. Yet suitably diluted Botulinum toxin is used to relieve intractable muscle spasms…” https://theconversation.com/herbal-medicines-toxic-side-effects-and-drug-interactions-23118

Of course we can also dilute a substance until it is completely ineffective, as in the situation with homeopathy.


So when a naturopath recommends a mother stop professionally prescribed medications for an eight month old child, the child is put at great risk for the sake of ideology.


There is quite a difference between homeopathy and naturopathy. Primarily a naturopath is trained to select from a wide range of ineffective treatments one of which is homeopathy “A homeopath prepares and prescribes extremely dilute solutions (so dilute that they seldom contain any active ingredient) in the belief that they can help treat disease.”

“A naturopath can treat a client with a wider range of “natural” therapies. According to the prospectus for the Naturopathic College of New Zealand, naturopaths are trained in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, iridology, colour therapy, reflexology, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy AND homeopathy.”


A common belief is because a substance is natural, “What harm can it do?”


It is worthwhile to remember that even those foods that we normally consider healthy to ingest can be toxic in the right circumstances (do not eat mouldy kumara / sweet potato).


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