Children Are Becoming Digital Zombies

It seems they were right, the next generation are losing their minds to the onslaught of [insert name of technology here]. We have been worrying and foretelling of societal collapse since, well since long before my time. They worried about television. They worried about video games. Now we worry about Internet connected mobile phones.

This time is different. This next generation can’t communicate. They have no social interaction. There is no evidence to support this but I know better than to base my beliefs on evidence. I have anecdotes and so do my friends. And multiple anecdotes from people with the same beliefs trump evidence.

Take one look at the link below. Read the claim that we have nothing to fear. Then read the comments. Dozens upon dozens of people relating their observations of impending dom for the next generation.

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Interested in the world around me and the development of knowledge.
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