Some beliefs should be dismissed

Turns out Flat Earthers are a thing.

I was raised to accept and consider others beliefs. This is incorrect of course. You don’t invite a plumber to comment on astrophysics. Nor do we seek the views of photographers when deciding social security policy (unless seeking input from all citizens). So why do we care what a musician or an actor thinks?

Sure you can have your beliefs. You can believe in chemtrails and sky fairies. But we need to evaluate the qualifications of the person perpetuating any claim and discard accordingly.

Yes BoB has an opinion. Colin Powell has an opinion on raising children. Gina Rhinehart has strong views on equality and behaviour. All of them successful in their respective fields but that is where we should cease listening.

At least there is some entertaining push back…

About blognobody

Interested in the world around me and the development of knowledge.
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