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Bad faith over ethics – Nile’s undue influence

Parents who choose not to send their children to scripture are told they can contact the school to ask about ethics, the spokesman said.

More than 1300 students participate in ethics classes in 32 schools across the Hunter, with an estimated 530 more ready to enrol. Continue reading

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The saltwater muster – ABC News

“At Cape Grim, they’ve got one of the five baseline air monitoring stations that are positioned around the world and when the air is blowing from the west it’s the cleanest air in the world,” John said.

“It’s cleaner than what they measure in Antarctica” Continue reading

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USA gives religions more than $82.5 billion a year

“religious groups own $600 billion in property is also probably low, since it leaves out property besides actual churches, mosques, etc.” Continue reading

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Juicing Is Bad for You and the Earth

“Juicing is not just another fad though: it is a privileged, wasteful form of food consumption that’s worse for you than cooking and bad for the environment; juicing is the triumph of marketing over science.” Continue reading

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Cardinal George Pell responds – will testify via video link

“The Cardinal faces allegations he attempted to buy the silence of an abuse victim; dismissed a victim’s complaint; moved an abusive priest around parishes; and was complicit in failings of the Melbourne archdiocese to deal with sexual abuse in the church.” Continue reading

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Study finds Homeopathy effective for

Yet another study finds that Homeopathy effective for absolutely nothing. No change in sales or belief.

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BushBlitz – Australian Wild Life Survey

Scientists are surveying Australian regions to find previously undocumented flora and fauna. Some of their discoveries are incredible.

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How likely you’ll die from an unnatural death

These are US based statistics so death by firearm discharge or assault by firearm are likely much lower elsewhere in the world.

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