Christians being silenced in Australia

Christians around the world are claiming they are being silenced and discriminated against yet they continue to wield undue influence in the public sphere. Likely, Christians are missing privileges once granted automatically.

Yet they’ve inherited one of the biggest megaphones. The ACL is small and unrepresentative of Christians, yet it exercises inordinate influence. It is a relic of universal religiosity, and a nostalgia for pre-1970’s Australia – the fallacious golden age. And that megaphone boomed during the Howard years when they shored up the man-woman definition of marriage, and instigated the controversial National Chaplaincy program.

In fact every Prime Minister, except Gillard, makes a big deal of how Christian they are and their church going habits. All the while, feeding funding to right wing Christian groups and affording them unfettered access to state funded schools.

Former Prime Minister John Howard struggles to understand why anyone vehemently opposed to marriage equality would be labelled homophobic, but then he can’t understand why anyone would disagree with him.


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