Pamphlet claims gay marriage would lead to sexual diseases, drug use and unemployment

The anti gay marriage lobby in Australia continue to promote bizarre unfounded claims.

Dr Liz Short, who led a review same-sex parenting research for the Australian Psychological Society, said the pamphlet was “factually incorrect and deeply damaging”.

The children of same-sex couples are likely to be at least as well adjusted, socially, emotionally, and academically, as other children, she said.

Compare this with the crazy bat shit claims printed in a pamphlet prepared and funded by Chris Miles, a former Liberal MP and former parliamentary secretary to John Howard. Clearly they want to promote a hateful campaign of misinformation.

“If we are going to have a plebiscite, people need to be informed,” Miles said. The pamphlet achieves this by promoting uncited claims such as:

“Sexual victimisation”, “sexual transmitted disease”, “drug use/abuse”, “depression” and “suicidal thoughts”.

The pamphlets say legalising same-sex marriage will likely lead to sex education outlining “boy-to-boy” and “girl-to-girl” sex.

Mr Miles described the material as “thoughtful and constructive”.

It would be laughable if weren’t so frightening that someone with so much influence could claim such nonsense as “thoughtful and constructive”!

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