Alcoholics Anonymous – Uncritical Thinking

For such a long time I believed that addiction was caused by the chemical, that once an addict, always an addict, and that AA programs were the only thing close to freeing yourself from addiction.

I was always aware that the famous AA 12 Step program had multiple references to gods or “higher powers”. Until recently I heard the Radiolab podcast that suggested there were alternatives with a higher success rate.

A recent book,  “Chasing The Scream“, by Johann Hari and Professor Carl Hart’s book “High Price“, remind us that most people do not have a drug addiction despite regular consumption of illegal drugs suggesting addiction is not chemical but human.

I realise now that of course, not only do people live comfortable productive lives while managing an addiction many people overcome addiction and are able to learn to consume previously addictive drugs in moderation.

I seem to recall an AA representative making the claim that AA is not a treatment but rather a support program. Strangely though there is this pervasive belief that it works as a treatment program. You just have to give yourself over to a higher being.

Does the AA program work?

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