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Jellyfish: In dangerous bloom: Lisa-ann Gershwin

“We hear about climate change, and it’s all so confusing and even the experts can’t agree, so we push it off to one side and it gets lost in the noise. But whether we are the cause or not, warming climate is not in our best interest, and denying it and ignoring it and hoping it goes away are poor adaptation strategies”

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Efficacy of traditional medicines

“Additional pressure is from local people removing orchids en mass in the misplaced belief that their white flowers carry magical power.” Continue reading

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Christians being silenced in Australia

Howard referred to a “dangerous anti-religious” push. But this assertion shows a complete misunderstanding of the aims of secularists. Policies such as Religious Instruction and the National Chaplaincy Program overtly promote religion, by placing non-teaching staff, such as priests and ministers, in the classroom and school grounds. Continue reading

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Pell wasn’t much interested in child abuse – Royal Inquiry

Pell’s cousin, Father Henry Nolan, who was vicar general at the time, took action immediately upon realising a 14-year-old boy was being made to sleep in the same room as notorious pedophile priest, Gerald Ridsdale.

Nolan demanded the child be removed, Furness said, despite not having direct authority over the Mortlake parish.
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Pamphlet claims gay marriage would lead to sexual diseases, drug use and unemployment

Dr Liz Short, who led a review same-sex parenting research for the Australian Psychological Society, said the pamphlet was “factually incorrect and deeply damaging”.

The children of same-sex couples are likely to be at least as well adjusted, socially, emotionally, and academically, as other children, she said. Continue reading

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