Mass Misinformation – Confirmation Bias

Of course you’re thinking “This doesn’t apply to me! I am informed. Everyone else is misinformed.”

That’s the problem. Everyone seems to think they have the right information and that everyone else should wake up and realise what you see so clearly. Then you browse to your favourite filter bubble website where you dose yourself on further information.

Identifying fact from fiction is much harder than you think. Most misinformation on the internet isn’t a flat out lie. Much of it has some basis in truth but is distorted to represent the author’s preconceived ideas.

Check out this explanation of E-MC2, string theory and other concepts. She quotes Einstein and Hawkings

This presents a massive risk. It is hard to know who to believe any more.

“The global risk of massive digital misinformation sits at the centre of a constellation of technological and geopolitical risks ranging from terrorism tocyber attacks and the failure of global governance.”

ScienceAlert has a neat little referenced article on how to filter the mass of rubbish heading our way. My simple rule: “If it’s on Facebook, it’s bullshit.”

The article references a solid paper by the World Economic Forum:

Not everyone is corrupt. If you are genuinely seeking the truth, then so are others. Check their qualifications to see how dedicated they are. Then compare their views to those of a collective of their peers. Does that doctor hold views that are contrary to those of a leading medical association? If you aren’t corrupt, then they won’t all be corrupt either.


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