The Global Drug Survey 2016 findings

Fascinating findings in the global drug survey. 

  • Synthetic cannabinoids more likely to lead to emergency medical treatment than any other drug
  • 1 in 8 of those using weekly or more often reported seeking emergency medical treatment (3.5% of all users)
  • Overall risk of seeking emergency medical treatment when using SCs is 30 times greater than skunk
  • Over half of those using more than 50 times in last year who tried to stop reported withdrawal symptoms

The dark-net rising

  • Globally almost in 1 in 10 participants (9.3%) reported ever buying drugs off the dark-net with those reporting last year dark-net purchase rising from 4.5% to 6.7%.

Particularly of interest was the risk from synthetic cannabinoids and the rise of the dark net. Hopefully the dark net reduces the risk, particularly of violence, with drug purchases.

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Interested in the world around me and the development of knowledge.
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