Indian Government Push Rural Women to Work in Cities

A fascinating read – following two young women from a country town into Bangalore for work under a government program to lift GDP.

I have never understood why our rich country cannot just institute fair trade for clothing industry. If you cannot prove it was manufactured in fair conditions you cannot sell in our market. That would increase prices a little as we already pay far more than the cost to manufacture. 

If she allows a tag to slip to the floor, or fly away in the gusts from the ceiling fan, her salary will be docked. She will be under pressure to complete this task 100 times per hour for eight hours, with one half-hour break for lunch, for a base daily wage of around $2.

City-dwellers are no longer interested in factory jobs like these, with their low pay and punishing conditions, and attrition rates are high. Migrant women are more docile. This is what Manjunath is hoping.

Lately, when the girls come to him with complaints, he listens skeptically, with a sardonic smile. He assesses this latest batch of recruits, the second from Odisha, as “lackadaisical.”

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