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This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit

Capitalising on our tendency to notice the bad before the good.

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Clive Palmer’s plans for new open-cut mine outrages sacked Queensland Nickel workers

The problem with welfare for the rich.

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Australia In Rush To Kill Massive Reef And Hasten Climate Change

“You know what causes coral bleaching? Warm ocean temperatures associated with global warming… global warming caused by carbon pollution in the atmosphere.

And yet both the Queensland and Australian governments want the Carmichael mine to go ahead.” Continue reading

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Government Must Stop Subsidising Intensive Agriculture

“Intensive farming needs to pay the full cost of operation. If they can do that and continue operating, then they are sustainable. If that means they go out of business, so be it.” Continue reading

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Inside The Global “Club” That Helps Executives Escape Their Crimes

“When companies sue, their cases are usually heard in front of a tribunal of three arbitrators, often private attorneys. The business appoints one arbitrator and the country another, then both sides usually decide on the third together.” Continue reading

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Apple’s Tax Game Is Hurting Economic Growth

“Apple isn’t the only company hoarding profits overseas, either: Microsoft has $108 billion overseas, and General Electric has $104 billion. It’s a trend that’s helping to create a disparity between corporate performance and overall economic growth. ” Continue reading

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Euphemising the language

” the HR head who warned managers attending an off-site meeting to “be cognisant of the optics of your personal brand”, by which he meant: tuck your shirts in. He is this year’s COC.”

Lucy Kellaway Continue reading

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