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‘Gross over-representation’ of Indigenous people in jail a ‘crisis of devastating proportions’

“The report noted that 85 per cent of the adult prisoner population in the NT, and 95 per cent of youth detainees are Indigenous people, with both categories showing a very high rate of recidivism.” Continue reading

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Fund manager looks into reforming executive pay.

“… a third of investors opposed a £70m pay deal handed to its chief executive, Sir Martin Sorrell.” Continue reading

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Indian Government Push Rural Women to Work in Cities

“incredibly, garments worn in the West are still made by humans — nearly all of them women, working exhausting hours, with few legal protections and little chance of advancement, for some of the lowest wages in the global supply chain.” Continue reading

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Dan Ariely: How equal do we want the world to be? 

“What happens when people expect something from their physiology? For example, we sold people pain medications. Some people, we told them the medications were expensive. Some people, we told them it was cheap. And the expensive pain medication worked better.” Continue reading

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Government Role In Innovation

Here is a short video of Bill Gates discussing the important role of government in driving innovation.  We continually hear from rich self interested individuals who insist that government get out of the way. That entrepreneurs well fix the world … Continue reading

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The Rich Live Longer Everywhere. For the Poor, Geography Matters.

“The top 1 percent in income among American men live 15 years longer than the poorest 1 percent; for women, the gap is 10 years. These rich Americans have gained three years of longevity just in this century. They live longer almost without regard to where they live. Poor Americans had very little gain as a whole, with big differences among different places.” Continue reading

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So That’s Why People Hate Hillary Clinton 

“When the Bush administration was discovered to have erased millions of emails illegally sent by 22 administration officials through private, RNC-owned accounts, in order to thwart an investigation into the politically motivated firing of eight US attorneys, just one talk show covered it that Sunday. ” Continue reading

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No grammar schools, lots of play: the secrets of Europe’s top education system

“Differences in educational outcomes between individual schools in most areas are relatively trivial, meaning parents rarely send their children farther afield than the local comprehensive. Pupils are generally more content too: a quality-not-quantity approach means school hours are shorter and homework duties are light. After-school tutoring is rare. Finnish children are happier and less stressed than their British contemporaries.” Continue reading

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Australian newspaper cartoon depicts LGBT people as Nazis ahead of equal marriage vote

“Polls have consistently shown that a majority of Australians support marriage equality, and there are fears the non-binding public vote will give rise to homophobic vitriol in the media – vitriol which, as Bill Leaks’ cartoon suggests, is already starting to build…” Continue reading

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‘I’m not racist but…’ Australians prefer their Aboriginals quiet

“Now, apparently, the most interesting point of discussion on talkback radio and Facebook was Jarred eaves-dropping on another conversation and a whole range of other side shows, such as the question HOW Aboriginal Jarred really is, WHY he chose to post the encounter on Facebook and HOW Much white people are also targeted by racism.” Continue reading

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