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Costly detox programmes slammed by nutrition experts

The Malaghan Institute’s Professor Mike Berridge added there was no scientific evidence supporting detox diets and juice cleanses.

“These and many other diets cherry pick supporting science, don’t consider the biological consequences of fad dieting, and sideline lifestyle issues that contribute to many of our escalating chronic health problems.”

He said “bizarre” practices such as colonic irrigation and liver cleansing could be interfering with the balance of the microbiome, and could cause serious health problems. Continue reading

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Pokemon Go Increased U.S. Activity Levels by 144 Billion Steps in Just 30 Days

“The results make fascinating reading. On average, Pokemon Go players increase the number of steps they took each day by 1,473. That’s a 25 percent increase over 30 days.

If the same effect plays out across all Pokemon Go users, that translates into a dramatic increase in activity. “In the short time span of the study, we estimate that Pokémon Go has added a total of 144 billion steps to U.S. physical activity,” say Horvitz and co.” Continue reading

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Two Times Mike Pence Brushed Off Science | FiveThirtyEight

In 2001, he wrote an op-ed declaring that “smoking doesn’t kill.” The evidence? “Two out of three smokers does not die from a smoking related illness.” Continue reading

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Vaccination Irrationality

“While thoroughly disproven, we still see people linking the MMR [measles, mumps, rubella] vaccine with autism. This is genuinely troubling. This claim has been thoroughly and comprehensively disproven.” Continue reading

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With 60 Years of Data and 3000 Studies, Australia Declares Fluoride ‘Completely Safe’

“A comprehensive study by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia have found fluoride in potable water to be safe for consumption, in optimum levels. The study saw that fluoridation had no link with low IQ, cancer, or any other perceived health risks.” Continue reading

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Claims chiropractors can treat ADHD, allergies ‘misleading’ customers

“70 per cent of chiropractic clinics either claimed they could treat conditions without any evidence, or featured health testimonials” Continue reading

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Midwife, uses Homeopathy, mother dies

We are aware of another home birth in mid 2011 when a woman begged Demanuele to call an ambulance. Demanuele refused. The baby died. Continue reading

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Australian Govt researches non-existant risk

“…statements from leading national organisations such as the Australian Medical Association and the Australian Association of Acoustical Consultants, which have said there is not enough infrasound produced by wind farms to have a negative effect on humans living near wind farms”

Clean Energy Council policy manager Alicia Webb Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian: Queen of Celebrity Weight Loss Dumbassery

“you know why Kim Kardashian is famous. One hint: it’s not for her knowledge of pharmacology. This is why I was surprised to see her on 20/20 talking about QuickTrim diet pills, which she and her sisters endorse. “We helped formulate this,” she said.

Really? And that’s a selling point?” Continue reading

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Efficacy of traditional medicines

“Additional pressure is from local people removing orchids en mass in the misplaced belief that their white flowers carry magical power.” Continue reading

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