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Juicing Is Bad for You and the Earth

“Juicing is not just another fad though: it is a privileged, wasteful form of food consumption that’s worse for you than cooking and bad for the environment; juicing is the triumph of marketing over science.” Continue reading

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Study finds Homeopathy effective for

Yet another study finds that Homeopathy effective for absolutely nothing. No change in sales or belief.

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Twins study finds no evidence that marijuana lowers IQ in teens

” The first study to do so, in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 2012 reported significant declines in IQ between ages 13 and 38 in heavy users compared with those who used marijuana occasionally before age 18 or not at all. The paper “had a major effect on thinking about the risks of early heavy exposure to cannabis,” says Patton, a co-author. Critics, however, pointed out that the study failed to rule out other potential explanations for the decline in IQ, such as a teen’s family environment or whether they dropped out of school. ” Continue reading

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Cancer Deaths Hit Lowest Rate In 25 Years

” The number of people dying from cancer every year has dropped to its lowest rate since 1991″

Alexandra Ossola
Popular Science Continue reading

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Heartbreaking video shows the last days of baby suffering from whooping cough

Dear anti-vaxxer, this is whooping cough and it can result in death.

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David Avocado Wolfe Effect

” search for “cancer” on the blender-peddling salesman’s “Longevity Warehouse” site turns up over ten products that claim to treat or prevent cancer, like UMAC Core Marine Phytoplankton that sells for just $109.72 for six ounces. Wolfe’s site has a disclaimer: “The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.”

Kavin Senapathy Continue reading

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Teens are having sex and watching porn – deal with it

” Researchers have built a body of proof that comprehensive sexuality education is correlated with better outcomes for young people, including the interesting finding that students who receive expansive sexuality education are more likely to delay their first sexual encounters. ” Continue reading

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Increasing recognition of Mother Teresa

” Yet as he discusses his experience volunteering at facilities run by Missionaries of Charity, the organization Mother Teresa founded, it becomes increasingly apparent that few of his anecdotes correlate with the reputation she enjoys.”

George Gillett Continue reading

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11 Reasons Why 2015 Was a Great Year For Humanity

” The bad news has been relentless: war in Syria, a refugee crisis in Turkey and Europe, earthquakes in Nepal, terrorist attacks in Paris, mass shootings in the US, floods in India. …, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.
You’d be wrong though.”

Angus Hervey Continue reading

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Herbal medicines & natural remedies

There is quite a difference between homeopathy and naturopathy. Primarily a naturopath is trained to select from a wide range of ineffective treatments one of which is homeopathy. Continue reading

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