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The Reef is dead? What warmist writes this falsehood? | Herald Sun

“Yes, the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority says 22 per cent of coral cover died in the worst recorded bleaching event, but the reef has bounced back from past bleaching events. which are part of the ocean cycles.” Continue reading

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Dairy alternative is made from real milk proteins – but no cows required

“Early data suggests their animal-free milk process could use 98 percent less water and 91 percent less land, and could emit 84 percent less carbon compared to traditional milk production,” says Leber. Continue reading

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Jellyfish: In dangerous bloom: Lisa-ann Gershwin

“We hear about climate change, and it’s all so confusing and even the experts can’t agree, so we push it off to one side and it gets lost in the noise. But whether we are the cause or not, warming climate is not in our best interest, and denying it and ignoring it and hoping it goes away are poor adaptation strategies”

Lisa-ann Gershwin Continue reading

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Efficacy of traditional medicines

“Additional pressure is from local people removing orchids en mass in the misplaced belief that their white flowers carry magical power.” Continue reading

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The saltwater muster – ABC News

“At Cape Grim, they’ve got one of the five baseline air monitoring stations that are positioned around the world and when the air is blowing from the west it’s the cleanest air in the world,” John said.

“It’s cleaner than what they measure in Antarctica” Continue reading

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