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Surge in support to decriminalise marijuana, multi-decade survey finds

“The problem with the political institutions and politicians is they are not responding to this. We found 70 per cent of people support same-sex marriage and yet the government wanted to spend $250 million on an advisory plebiscite when we know what the result will be,” Ian McAllister, a professor of political science at ANU Continue reading

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Peter Dutton calls for pro-Christmas uprising against ‘political correctness gone mad’

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has called for Australians to “rise up” to defend Christmas against what he labelled “political correctness gone mad”. Continue reading

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Australia In Rush To Kill Massive Reef And Hasten Climate Change

“You know what causes coral bleaching? Warm ocean temperatures associated with global warming… global warming caused by carbon pollution in the atmosphere.

And yet both the Queensland and Australian governments want the Carmichael mine to go ahead.” Continue reading

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There Is No Violent Hate-Crimewave in ‘Trump’s America’ 

“The fear seems to legitimately be that there are would-be perpetrators of sexual assault and race-based violence that have been well-behaved so far but will now, emboldened by a President-elect Trump, suddenly go wild with the raping and the hate crimes.” Continue reading

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‘Gross over-representation’ of Indigenous people in jail a ‘crisis of devastating proportions’

“The report noted that 85 per cent of the adult prisoner population in the NT, and 95 per cent of youth detainees are Indigenous people, with both categories showing a very high rate of recidivism.” Continue reading

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How the Internet of Things Took Down the Internet

“the takedown was facilitated by hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected devices—from Web cameras to routers—that had been hacked to contribute to the attack. ” Continue reading

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Relax: Clinton Wins US Presidential Election

Clinton: 88.1% chance Continue reading

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Two Times Mike Pence Brushed Off Science | FiveThirtyEight

In 2001, he wrote an op-ed declaring that “smoking doesn’t kill.” The evidence? “Two out of three smokers does not die from a smoking related illness.” Continue reading

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The Reef is dead? What warmist writes this falsehood? | Herald Sun

“Yes, the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority says 22 per cent of coral cover died in the worst recorded bleaching event, but the reef has bounced back from past bleaching events. which are part of the ocean cycles.” Continue reading

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The Double Standard in US Politics

“Imagine if she had later been quoted by a member of her staff as saying “laziness is a trait in blacks” and had retweeted white supremacists, including one honoring the American Nazi Party.” Continue reading

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