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Danny Price: Turnbull blames renewable power – funded by his Government – for poor supply and high prices in SA

“If renewable power is to blame for the decline in power security and high prices in South Australia, as the Prime Minister loves to say, and it is his Government’s scheme that funds these developments, then it is axiomatic that the Federal Government is to blame for South Australia’s power system woes.” Continue reading

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How the Internet of Things Took Down the Internet

“the takedown was facilitated by hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected devices—from Web cameras to routers—that had been hacked to contribute to the attack. ” Continue reading

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Pokemon Go Increased U.S. Activity Levels by 144 Billion Steps in Just 30 Days

“The results make fascinating reading. On average, Pokemon Go players increase the number of steps they took each day by 1,473. That’s a 25 percent increase over 30 days.

If the same effect plays out across all Pokemon Go users, that translates into a dramatic increase in activity. “In the short time span of the study, we estimate that Pokémon Go has added a total of 144 billion steps to U.S. physical activity,” say Horvitz and co.” Continue reading

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Massive Internet Outage Could Be a Sign of Things to Come

“Many of the attacks appear to be testing servers rather than taking them offline, by gradually increasing barrages of requests at one part of the server to see what it can withstand, then moving on to another, and another. Schneier warned that “someone is learning how to take down the Internet.” Continue reading

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It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

‘As his behavior continued to deteriorate, she tried to take the game away but John threw temper tantrums. His outbursts were so severe that she gave in, still rationalizing to herself over and over again that “it’s educational.”’ Continue reading

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Are Video Games Making Kids Dumb? [Infographic]

“After surveying 12,004 students across 772 schools [in Australia] it was discovered that students who spent significant time online playing video games scored higher in math, reading and science” Continue reading

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Democratising DNA testing

“Helix thinks it can decode the most important part of a person’s genome—all 20,000 genes and a few other bits—at a cost of about $100” Continue reading

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Dairy alternative is made from real milk proteins – but no cows required

“Early data suggests their animal-free milk process could use 98 percent less water and 91 percent less land, and could emit 84 percent less carbon compared to traditional milk production,” says Leber. Continue reading

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23andMe Sells Data for Drug Search

“To some, 23andMe’s strategy is controversial for the way it treats personal data as a commodity. Even the U.S. government is catching up. President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative will begin inviting citizens to join its own one-million-strong database this year.” Continue reading

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The world is getting better all the time, objectively

“it sometimes feels like the world is falling apart: that everything is going to hell in a handbasket and we’re on the verge of a total collapse. In fact, we’re living through what is, by objective metrics, the best time in human history. People have never lived longer, better, safer, or richer lives than they do now. ” Continue reading

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