Satan’s Work Being Done on Earth

“In its dogged pursuit of religious equality, the Satanic Temple has launched After School Satan Clubs in school districts that have after school Christian programs, which promote “a rationalist, scientific, non-superstitious worldview.” It’s also distributed Satanic coloring books in a Florida school district that allowed the distribution of Christian religious pamphlets.”
“The rationale against child abuse should be obvious to even the dimwitted. Beating children is wrong. Subjecting children to psychological torture is wrong. Neither should be tolerated, much less sanctioned.

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Does growing up atheist make you a better person?

Opinion piece based on research evidence.

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The Frightening Spread of Misinformation

The speed at which people are willing to spread misinformation and flat out lies is incomprehensible. 

That those promoting this nonsense all have a product to sell and that the products themselves are next to useless seems to be of no interest!

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How a Pioneer in the Science of Mistakes Ended Up Mistaken

In other words, Kahneman cited some studies in his book that were not able to be replicated. In fact Kahneman’s studies have stood up to scrutiny.

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Trump Govt Making Stuff Up

It seems the Trump administration isn’t even bothering with alternative facts and now just making stuff up.

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Qld police appeal Palm Island decision

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Clive Palmer’s plans for new open-cut mine outrages sacked Queensland Nickel workers

The problem with welfare for the rich.

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