Talking in Euphemisms Chips Away at Your Sense of Morality 

Some people make a habit of speaking in euphemisms or even disphemisms. It might be best to speak straight and avoid the confusion!

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A Feminist Biologist Discusses Gender Differences In The Animal Kingdom

  • Patriarchy (as defined above) doesn’t just hurt women by treating them as property. In fact, the worst victims of patriarchy are the low-status, unmarriageable men who do the most dirty, dangerous jobs in society for peanuts. Unfortunately, we’ve done a terrible job at understanding and communicating this, to the point that most men in this situation are convinced that feminism, not patriarchy, is actually the root of their problems. So long as middle-class feminists ridicule and demonize them while enjoying relatively pampered lives, these men will continue to hate us. And who can blame them?

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Australian Govt Still Avoiding What The People Want

So much for representative government. A new leader and still ignoring the people. 

With 64% of voters telling the Essential report they believe renewable energy is “the solution to our energy needs” and 65% saying they approve of a 50% renewable energy target, and an idea to do even more than that in the palm of his hand, and $2bn (from somewhere or other) in the kitty to pay for it, a prime minister following the olden days’ script for building support for a policy would surely have shouted its virtues from the mountain top.

But even as Turnbull was considering it, the Coalition’s public script was still all about demonising renewables as part of an Abbott-style power price attack against Labor.

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Satan’s Work Being Done on Earth

“In its dogged pursuit of religious equality, the Satanic Temple has launched After School Satan Clubs in school districts that have after school Christian programs, which promote “a rationalist, scientific, non-superstitious worldview.” It’s also distributed Satanic coloring books in a Florida school district that allowed the distribution of Christian religious pamphlets.”
“The rationale against child abuse should be obvious to even the dimwitted. Beating children is wrong. Subjecting children to psychological torture is wrong. Neither should be tolerated, much less sanctioned.

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Does growing up atheist make you a better person?

Opinion piece based on research evidence.

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The Frightening Spread of Misinformation

The speed at which people are willing to spread misinformation and flat out lies is incomprehensible. 

That those promoting this nonsense all have a product to sell and that the products themselves are next to useless seems to be of no interest!

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How a Pioneer in the Science of Mistakes Ended Up Mistaken

In other words, Kahneman cited some studies in his book that were not able to be replicated. In fact Kahneman’s studies have stood up to scrutiny.

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Trump Govt Making Stuff Up

It seems the Trump administration isn’t even bothering with alternative facts and now just making stuff up.

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Qld police appeal Palm Island decision

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Clive Palmer’s plans for new open-cut mine outrages sacked Queensland Nickel workers

The problem with welfare for the rich.

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