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George Pell demands investigation into Victoria Police, ABC over sexual abuse allegations

“And I think the days of the Church investigating themselves are well and truly over.

“Cardinal Pell needs to return to Australia as quickly as possible so this can be dealt with. And it has to be dealt with by the police, not by any inquiry that’s set up by the Church.” Continue reading

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Pell wasn’t much interested in child abuse – Royal Inquiry

Pell’s cousin, Father Henry Nolan, who was vicar general at the time, took action immediately upon realising a 14-year-old boy was being made to sleep in the same room as notorious pedophile priest, Gerald Ridsdale.

Nolan demanded the child be removed, Furness said, despite not having direct authority over the Mortlake parish.
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Cardinal George Pell responds – will testify via video link

“The Cardinal faces allegations he attempted to buy the silence of an abuse victim; dismissed a victim’s complaint; moved an abusive priest around parishes; and was complicit in failings of the Melbourne archdiocese to deal with sexual abuse in the church.” Continue reading

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