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Pell wasn’t much interested in child abuse – Royal Inquiry

Pell’s cousin, Father Henry Nolan, who was vicar general at the time, took action immediately upon realising a 14-year-old boy was being made to sleep in the same room as notorious pedophile priest, Gerald Ridsdale.

Nolan demanded the child be removed, Furness said, despite not having direct authority over the Mortlake parish.
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Pamphlet claims gay marriage would lead to sexual diseases, drug use and unemployment

Dr Liz Short, who led a review same-sex parenting research for the Australian Psychological Society, said the pamphlet was “factually incorrect and deeply damaging”.

The children of same-sex couples are likely to be at least as well adjusted, socially, emotionally, and academically, as other children, she said. Continue reading

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Religious Nutbaggery

“The most religious societies include Nigeria, Uganda, the Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Colombia, Senegal, Malawi, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Jordan, Algeria, Ghana, Venezuela, Mexico and Sierra Leone.”

Phil Zuckerman
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Abstinence has Absence of Success

The daughter of former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, is pregnant again outside of wedlock. Who cares? you might ask. No one really, except when that individual is paid $262,000 to promote abstinence among teenagers, an … Continue reading

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Questioning Christian Values

An accident being widely reported in New Zealand media, and around the world, concerns a Kiwi tourist who almost died when her hand was severed while on a yacht in Coatia. The hand was reattached after a six hour operation. Two … Continue reading

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