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Bad faith over ethics – Nile’s undue influence

Parents who choose not to send their children to scripture are told they can contact the school to ask about ethics, the spokesman said.

More than 1300 students participate in ethics classes in 32 schools across the Hunter, with an estimated 530 more ready to enrol. Continue reading

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Fred Nile In Bid To End Ethics Lessons In Schools

” I agree with the teaching of ethics in NSW schools, colleges and universities, provided it is based on history’s greatest teacher of ethics, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Fred Nile Continue reading

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Abstinence-Only High School Hit By Chlamydia Outbreak; NSW State Schools Promote Invalid Sex Education

‘Another section aimed at year 8 students lists “mistakes women make” as talking too much and giving in sexually while male “mistakes” include letting their bodies rule and lacking courage.’

Sydney Morning Herald Continue reading

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The godless are doing alright. ..

It seems we dont really need the fear of a god to live a moral and ethical life… Apparently atheist families¬† have ” High levels of family solidarity and emotional closeness between parents and nonreligious youth, and strong ethical standards … Continue reading

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