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The neuroscience of inequality: does poverty show up in children’s brains?

Low-income children performed moderately to significantly worse than their middle-class peers https://www.theguardian.com/inequality/2017/jul/13/neuroscience-inequality-does-poverty-show-up-in-childrens-brains

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Myths About Aid

” In 2012, governments of developed countries spent $128 billion on foreign aid, and private aid from citizens added $56 billion. BUT:

The total aid was only 0.4% of the combined national income of those countries”

Giving What We Can Continue reading

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If We Are Serious About Poverty Reduction…

To further reduce serious poverty that afflicts many of the world’s inhabitants, we need to stopĀ imposing contraception bans. It seems that the powerful in wealthy nations continue to impose their will on the powerless in developing nations. Clearly humans will … Continue reading

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