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Adam Goodes

“13-year-old girl vilified for accidentally making a racist slur”
Miranda Devine
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You are wrong.

“You can be wrong or ignorant. It will happen. Reality does not care about your feelings. Education does not exist to persecute you. The misinformed are not an ethnic minority being oppressed. What’s that? Planned Parenthood is chopping up dead babies and selling them for phat cash? No, that’s not what actually happened. No, it’s not your opinion. You’re just wrong. ”

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School tells schoolgirls that too much sex will break their ‘chemical bond’

Year seven girls have been warned about sex with multiple partners and have been presented the “facts” with science including the green that “girls are needier than guys” and that hugging a guy for twenty seconds makes it difficult to … Continue reading

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Time to remove sugar pills from pharmacy shelves

Finally a push to remove homeopathic sugar pills from pharmacies. Will “big homeo” allow this to happen?

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