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The Myth of Job Creation

We have been repeatedly told that prosperity depends upon economic growth, which in turn, depends upon a wealthy class who will create jobs by spending their millions on creating new businesses, products and services to sell to the public (presumably … Continue reading

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Herbal medicines & natural remedies

There is quite a difference between homeopathy and naturopathy. Primarily a naturopath is trained to select from a wide range of ineffective treatments one of which is homeopathy. Continue reading

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Modern parenting may hinder brain development

This new research links early, nurturing parenting practices — the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies — to specific, healthy emotional outcomes. Continue reading

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Fred Nile In Bid To End Ethics Lessons In Schools

” I agree with the teaching of ethics in NSW schools, colleges and universities, provided it is based on history’s greatest teacher of ethics, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Fred Nile Continue reading

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