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The Trust Engineers – Radiolab

I have long enjoyed RadioLab stories and this one really piqued my interest. It begins with a discussion of the enormity of the Facebook – 1.3 billion active users – and proceeds to discuss user complaints about content. The story … Continue reading

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Gang Feeds Kids So They Can Learn

” How shameful that failure to feed the kids would give Pink nightmares but doesn’t make Peter Dunne miss a wink.” In a country with more gangs per capita than anywhere else,  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a … Continue reading

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CIOs Attempt To Calculate Contribution Of IT

Wonderful story on CIOs attempt to understand and measure ITs contribution to the business success however it doesn’t give examples on how. ..

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Homeopathy Research Concludes That…

There exists no credible evidence to support claims that homeopathy can effectively treat any condition. Well, except maybe thirst. Not that I expected the report would result in any meaningful change. Facts don’t change belief. Presenting the facts to a … Continue reading

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Bible Life Lessons

Interesting conversation with an eleven old. My son is easily distracted. I had taken him to the local pool as a treat and was trying to get his attention. The decision had to be made: do we meet mum for … Continue reading

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Sodomy Buggered the Economy

A Christrian Democratic Party member claims removal of sodomy laws in 1984 have resulted in the state of New South Wales “financial mess”. Evidence shows the NSW economy is the strongest in Australia again this year with the national economy … Continue reading

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Study Shows What We Already Know About Pot…

“agencies would benefit from shifting priorities away from illicit drugs and placing them instead on keeping things like alcohol and tobacco in check. In fact, the researchers believe marijuana to be so low-risk that they suggest a broad, regulated legalization … Continue reading

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